Hebrews 4:1-11 - The Opportunity To Enter God's Rest Still Remains

In our visitor packages we have been giving out a book called, “The Golden Treasury of Puritan Quotations”. There is a quote by a Puritan named Timothy Cruso (1656-1697). I had never heard of him before so I spent a little time looking up some information on him. One thing that captured my attention was that he was a long time friend of the author Daniel Defoe who is best known for his literary work ‘The Adventures of Robinson Cruso’. The main character of Defoe’s book was shipwrecked on an island all by himself for twenty-three years. During that time he had many adventures. It is believed that Defoe named his main character, Robinson Cruso, after his lifelong friend Timothy Cruso.

We can say with confidence that the character in Defoe’s book probably had a more adventurous life than the minister Timothy Cruso; however, this minister, like all of us, are called to journey through our own divine adventure towards the Promised Land where th