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Community Church


What are C-Groups?

A C-Group (short for Community Group) is a small, family friendly group of people who gather in homes to strengthen each other spiritually and help others know Christ. C-Groups participants laugh and cry together, pray and and have practical discussions on God's Word, they have both focused worship and friendly outreach.  You will go beyond the superficial greetings and get to know people in a way that will provide accountability, renewal, and growth.

Our C-Groups structures have gone through some pretty significant changes and so far it's been a blessing to hear the positive feedback and know many of you have grow in even more in your C-Group experience! Our members and attendees page has details on how to participate.  If you are not a regular attender at Community Church, we would still love to have you at one of our groups! Just contact our office or Pastor Chris for more details!

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