Christmas Eve 2021

A couple nights ago I laid in bed and thought about this night. I had been looking at the Christmas narratives in Matthew and Luke. I had been contemplating the stories concerning Jesus’ birth. I had started studying certain texts but did not seem to be gaining any traction.

As I was laying there I thought of a story that I had recently heard. It was a story that Peggy Murray had told me. Her family has often taken in foreign exchange students who have come to live with them from all around the world. It is obvious that the Murray family has made an impact upon these students because I often hear stories about how these students keep in touch with them and even travel long distances for the opportunity to get to be with them again.

A couple of weeks ago one of their former foreign exchange students flew from Stillwater, Oklahoma to Stevens Point, Wisconsin to spend some time with them. I asked Peggy if she had enjoyed their time with this person and she told me about what they did on one of the evenings as they sat around the dinner table.