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Proverbs 20:10

Proverbs 20:10 "Unequal weights and unequal measures are both alike an abomination to the Lord."

There was an older couple that we would often times camp next to when I was a young child growing up. To be honest, I can't really remember much about them. I remember very clearly that my dad seemed to like them both and that he always told me that I could learn how to fish really well if I would keep my eye on her. I think her name was Stella. My dad was right about that. There would be days that no one was catching anything but Stella would be down there catching fish. Maybe she had the perfect spot. Maybe she just had more patience then the rest of us. My memory of her was that she never moved once she began to fish. She stayed in whatever spot she was in till the end of the day.

The other thing that I remember about this couple was concerning her husband. He was a quiet man. I don't remember the sound of his voice or any advice that he ever may have given to me over the years. But I do remember one thing that I can remember as if it happened yesterday. We would be sitting around at the waters edge or around the campfire drinking cans of soda all day long. This man would finish his can and bend over in his chair. He would reach down and then take two small pebbles into his hand. Then he would sit up and take them and place them into the can and squash the can down to be recycled. It was never just one pebble but it was never more than two either. And they were not big but if you had enough cans I am sure that it would add up in weight over time.

I am now almost fifty years old and I still remember these things so clearly. To be honest, whether this man ever intended to do so or not he taught me that trick. I am almost certain that I too have put weights into a can to increase the weight. That man probably has no idea that he is one of the few memories that I carry around with me to this day from my childhood. That man discipled me and he never said a word.

Consider the fact that if I can remember these things so clearly after so long of a time, isn't it a reminder that the Lord remembers these things too. One might object and say that these little pebbles did not add up to much. But our text here says that these little things were an abomination to Him. Considering these things today makes me want to examine myself and to repent of my sins. To repent and seek forgiveness even for the two little pebbles that I put into aluminum cans. It also is a good reminder that my actions and words have discipled others. Some of the things that I will be remembered for I am not happy about now. So today I will remember that my wife, my kids, my friends and even strangers are watching and listening to me. Will I reflect Christ and bring Him glory or will I disciple them in something that I would be ashamed of?

Lord, thank you for Proverbs 20:10. I pray that today I will bring glory and honor to you in all that I say and do. And Lord, since I know I am not perfect and that I often sin, may I be an example to everyone of repentance and confessing my need of forgiveness. May I be quick to reconcile with others and seek to correct the wrongs that I have done. Amen

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