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Cross Church

Pastor Casey and Jen Schifelbine


Marshfield, WI


This all started with a young man who had a hand full of dreams and a heart full of God. This call and dream is becoming a reality! We are a brand new Christian church which will start public worship gatherings in September of 2019 in Marshfield, WI. We exist to bring life to Hub City, Wood County, and to the ends of the earth. Our vision is based on Jesus words in John 10:10, “I have come to bring life and life abundantly.” We believe that we are called to love people and lead them to meet, know and follow Jesus. We are creating a church for those who do not belong. We are currently meeting as a smaller group of individuals who are connecting to God, each other, and planning how we are going to bring life to our city!

Cross Church

Cross Church

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"We are a bible church family that intentionally builds relationships to make and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ by living out: LOVE, FAITH, and GRACE"

After a distinct calling from the Lord in 2015, Pastor Yauo Yang, his family, as well as a few other families, began Cross Church in the Yang’s home in 2016. In 2017, Pastor Yang received a Masters’ degree in Christians studies from Crown College.  Shortly thereafter, they were blessed with an opportunity to move their growing church into the Bridge Street Mission building in Wausau WI.  Pastor Yauo and his wife Anne have six children: Kennedy, Teagan, Malachi, Sunshine, Enoch and Arianna.  Along with spreading God’s word, Pastor Yang cherishes most the time he is blessed with in loving and spending time with his growing family.

Matthew 28:19

"...go and make disciples of all nations..."

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Pastor Shong and Xailai Her

Pastor Shong and his wife, Xailai, minister to the Hmong community in  Wisconsin Rapids through Living Sons Ministry.  In addition, they support believers in Asia.  Pastor Shong and Xailai are employed full-time with the Stevens Point School District working with students and families whose second language is English.   READ MORE ABOUT PASTOR SHONG AND XAILAI IN OUR FIELD STAFF DIRECTORY.

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