Service Order for Celebration Of Life for Anna Young

Celebration of Life for Anna Young

Video to play with Pictures prior to service (Cameron)

Greeting/Welcome: Pastor Chris Cooper

One of my favorite books has a quote that I would like to share with you. The author is seeking to provide comfort to us all when we contemplate death. The author says, “The little infant that is sent into this world, so strange to it, has everything provided for it by the One who sent it; those who are sent by the same One into another world shall not be worse off.

Anna discovered that this quote is true. God always watched over her and took care of her in every situation from the beginning of her life to the very end.

This past Thursday Buzz showed me a book that he had found. It is a book that is called, ‘First Five Years’. It contains some of the interesting facts about the early years of Anna which had been recorded by her mother. For example:

  • Anna Lillian was born on December 8th, 1937 @ 7:00pm in Dayton, Waupaca County, Wisconsin. (She passed away on January 24th, 2022 @ 7:00 pm. This means that she lived 84 years one month and 16 days to the very hour.)

  • When Anna was born Anna weighed 8.5 lbs.

  • She was named Anna Lillian after both of her grandparents.

  • She had dark blue eyes at her birth but they later turned dark brown.

  • At one week she weighed 8 pounds; @ three months she weighed 12.5 pounds; @ one year she weighed 21.5 pounds. And at 18 months she weighed 22 pounds.

  • She could hold her head up at 12 weeks

  • She could sit up alone at 6 months

  • She stood at 8 months

  • She took her first steps between 12/13 months

  • She climbed the first stairs at 10 months

  • She recognized her mother at feeding time and her father from the very first day.

  • First tooth at 4.5 months, 6 teeth at 8 months, 8 teeth at one year, 14 teeth at 12 months.

  • Words she could speak at 13 months: ‘kitty’, ‘bye-bye’, ‘daddy’, ‘woof woof kitty’, ‘mom-mom’, ‘tickle-tickle’.

  • Songs she could sing at 2 years old: ‘Close your dreamy eyes’, ‘Little Skipper’, ‘High-o for Santa Clause’

  • Earliest playmate: was her dad. Leona and Lila and Nelda.

  • She loved to play with other children

Few of us knew Anna when she was this young, but we all have had the privilege of knowing Anna at some point in our lives. Some were blessed to have known her for very long periods of time. It was my privilege to have known Anna for a relatively short period of time. I have known both Buzz and Anna since 2015.

Shortly after they began to attend Community Church they wanted to become members. Both Anna and Buzz were baptized on March 13th, 2016. They became official members of Community Church on April 3rd, 2016 when they were presented to the church body and we celebrated Communion together.

Since that time our church has received more blessings by getting to know Buzz and Anna than we could possibly have imagined. I speak for all of us when I say, ‘We give thanks to God for our time with Buzz and Anna’. I am certain that whether you are a family member of Anna’s or a friend of hers, that all of our lives have been immeasurably enriched by having known Anna Lillian Young.

Having known Anna at the end of her life I can say that some things never changed from when she was described by her mother as a very small child.

  • She always had beautiful brown eyes.

  • She always held her head up high with a smile and lifted our heads too while she was at it.

  • She liked to sit up to the very end and hated it when she was not taken out of bed to eat breakfast.

  • She worked hard over the last years to regain her strength and keep walking down the halls of Eden Brook so that she could come home to Buzz.

  • She loved to sing right up to the end. The last time I saw her she sang a hymn with great strength and fullness of sound. She introduced me to the song, ‘Learning to Trust in Jesus’.

  • She loved to hang out with friends and family. She especially loved to be with Buzz. They enjoyed doing everything together.

  • Buzz and Anna enjoyed a 68 year play-date that got better over time. Their relationship began when Buzz was sitting behind her in school and he would poke her head. And at the very end of Anna’s life Buzz would comb her hair and help her with anything he could.