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Shane Westphal

Hello, my name is Shane Westphal.  My wife Rebecca and I are both from Southeast Wisconsin.  We have 3 children, Titus, Sawyer and Virginia (Ginny) Mae.  I moved here in June of 2011 when I took a job with the Stevens Point Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic. Rebecca moved up here after we were married in October of 2011.  I continue to work at SPFD. 

My wife and I have a passion for Missions.  Before we met, we both participated in short term missions and she also spent a year in Bolivia as a missionary teacher.   I was able to participate in missions that took gently used emergency equipment to second and third world countries.  At the same time, I taught pastors and lay people in those countries’ emergency services chaplaincy.  We love to serve the “least of these” and teach about Jesus.  I went to Ecuador with Community Church in January of 2019 and Rebecca and I both participated in the City on a Hill Mission in Milwaukee with Community Church in 2017.  We host a Community Group (small group bible study) at our house weekly. Rebecca and I both volunteer and serve with the local InterVarsity campus ministry at UWSP and she also volunteers with the Northeast Wisconsin region of IV.

Other than my passion for Jesus and serving him, I have a passion for agriculture, as that was my career prior to fire and EMS. I enjoy raising pigs, honeybees, tapping maple trees, gardening, hunting, trapping and cross country skiing.  As my kids get older, it’s fun to see them enjoy God’s creation with me. 

I am honored and humbled to serve God, His kingdom, and shepherd the people of Community Church as an elder.  God has placed a great responsibility on us as elders (Acts 20:28, 1 Timothy 3: 1-16, Titus 3: 1-7 just to name a few), and I don’t take that lightly. 


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