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Community Church


From E.O. on 4-13-2018:  Praying and believing in a  financial breakthrough for enough funds for our construction project.  Also believing in a job offer from the senior living center where I very much want to work.

From L.K. on 1-28-2018:  Please pray for me and my three girls, that the Lord Jesus Christ would protect and let us be victorious! For I'm a working widow mother, (HCA) who Loves serving & caring for my residents at the Personal Care Home, but under severe spiritual attack in keeping my position at work, and my finances, although my work colleagues are from a variety of cultures. I still Love working with them and care about them. Please pray for us. Thank you!

From J.M. on 12/1/2017: God is so powerful that He can do anything. Please join your prayers to mine asking Him to not let M or any other evil person or any smoker move into the apartment next to mine. Thank you. God bless you

From A.H. on 12/20/2017: Please pray that God will provide the ways & means for me to move from this pit. It's really bad here. The people are bad. Please pray that God will give me reason for hope concerning my health. I give thanks & praise to God. And I thank you for your prayers. May God bless & keep you. Amen.

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