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Community Church Member and Attendee

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Below is a list of our current C-Groups. Members and Attendees. You can find the contact information for the C-Group hosts listed below in the Community Church Directory.

Every Monday @6:30pm

Current Study: I & II Samuel

Hosts: Shane and Rebecca Westphal


Every Monday @6:30pm (Waupaca)

Current Study: Sermon Digestion

Hosts: Kyle & Allison Stansbury

Every Tuesday @6:20pm

Young Adult Group @ Church

Current Study: II Corinthians

Host: Preston Mertins


Every Other Tuesday @6:30 pm

Current Study: Galatians

Hosts: Cindy Bonitz and Jim Swanson


1st & 3rd Tuesday of the Month @7:30pm

Youth Group @ Poirier's 

Current Study: "The Christ Key"

Host: Karen Poirier

Every Thursday @7:00am

Current Study: I & II Thessalonians

Host: Dick Klapoetke @ Church


2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month @8:00 am

Current Study: Baptist Catechism

Host: Klaven Embertson @ Church

To find out which C-Group is meetings this week, check the church's monthly calendar.

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