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We believe that in six days the Triune God created the world and everything in it for the purpose of His glory. Mankind was made in the image of God, without sin.  There was no sickness and death and Adam and Eve enjoyed perfect communion with God.  Adam and Eve were tempted by Satan and deliberately disobeyed God’s command. Sin entered the world through their disobedience, resulting in death and separation from God.  Every person after them (except for Christ) is a sinner by inherited sin nature and by choice and is therefore justly under God’s wrath, condemned to eternity in hell.  All based on the following scripture verses:

Genesis 1-3 Psalm 19:1 Mark 9:48 Genesis 1:26-27 Ecclesiastes 7:29 Romans 5:12-19 Genesis 2:25 Matthew 25:41-46 Revelation 14:11


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