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Community Church is exploring an online giving option, take our online giving survey

Online giving will allow one time or recurring tithe or offerings to be made using software from Swipe Away Poverty, our secure, online partner

Learn more about the  Community Church online giving guidelines

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Online Giving Guidelines

Community Church strongly encourages that living “debt free” is a worthy goal for all Christians.  We offer online giving only as a convenience and not as a way to skirt biblical money management principles or to incur additional debt, as outlined in our guidelines below. 


Users of online giving are responsible for setting up and controlling their online giving options themselves. You may designate an amount and frequency to have your donations made automatically. You will be able to track your online giving by logging in and viewing your history.  Online giving is secure and tax deductible.  Online giving allows you to set-up your giving using either a debit card, credit card, or an automatic bank draft from your checking account.  We discourage the use of a credit cards for church giving unless you are able to consistently make full balance payments on that card and are incurring no interest charges.  In addition to the new online giving option, you are still free to continue to give via the weekly offering plate in the worship service if you prefer or by mailing your contribution in to the office.  As with anything in a Christian’s life, please remember to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit prior to making decisions on this matter.


If you do give online, feel free to still place an empty offering envelope in the offering plate. Simply write on the front of the envelope “Gave online.” There is no need to write your giving amounts on this envelope if you give online. 


You may know there are small fees associated with each online giving transaction. Credit cards with "rewards" or "cash back" attached to them have the highest fee(s) followed by credit cards with no reward or cash back.  Debit card fees are usually about 1/2 less than than credit cards and online donations given via a checking account (i.e. ACH) are usually the lowest fees.  All transactions fees are absorbed by the church.  If you plan on giving a large amount to the church a regular paper check is usually the most efficient way to give or talk with our church accountant for other options or if you have any questions about online giving.    

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