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Pastor Yauo Yang and Cross Church (Wausau)

MOTTO:  If you're not perfect, you're in the right place.

After a distinct calling from the Lord in 2015, Pastor Yauo Yang, his family, as well as a few other families, began Cross Church in the Yang’s home in 2016. In 2017, Pastor Yang received a Masters’ degree in Christians studies from Crown College.  Recently, Cross Church purchased property on Grand Avenue in Schofield.. Pastor Yauo and his wife, Anne, have six children: Kennedy, Teagan, Malachi, Sunshine, Enoch, and Arianna.  Along with spreading God’s word, Pastor Yang cherishes most the time he is blessed with in loving his growing family. 

"We are a bible church family that intentionally builds relationships to make and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ by living out: LOVE, FAITH, and GRACE"

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