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Pastor Yauo Yang and Cross Church (Wausau)

MOTTO:  If you're not perfect, you're in the right place.

After a distinct calling from the Lord in 2015, Pastor Yauo Yang, his family, as well as a few other families, began Cross Church in the Yang’s home in 2016. In 2017, Pastor Yang received a Masters’ degree in Christians studies from Crown College.  Shortly thereafter, they were blessed with an opportunity to move their growing church into the Bridge Street Mission building in Wausau WI.  Pastor Yauo and his wife, Anne, have six children: Kennedy, Teagan, Malachi, Sunshine, Enoch, and Arianna.  Along with spreading God’s word, Pastor Yang cherishes most the time he is blessed with in loving his growing family. READ MORE ABOUT PASTOR YANG AND CROSS CHURCH IN OUR FIELD STAFF DIRECTORY.

"We are a bible church family that intentionally builds relationships to make and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ by living out: LOVE, FAITH, and GRACE"

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